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Kids Damage Flooring

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Revealed! Shocking research shows damage children do to flooring

Exactly how much damage can children cause to flooring? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot! We ran a survey asking hundreds of parents the worst type of damage their children have done to the flooring in their home. From aged rum to a gooey Internet trend, the results range from gruesome to comical – but all are truly shocking!

Research by Selco shows 2/3 of parents' flooring damaged or stained by children

Over two thirds of parents surveyed said that their flooring has been stained or damaged by their children

£193 average repair price of spillage

The average repair price of fixing stained/damaged flooring was a whopping £193!

Survey shows 86% of flooring damage done to carpet

86% of flooring damage is done to carpet

Selco reveals child caused £3000 worth of damage to flooring

The most damage caused by one child to flooring in a home was a huge £3,000. The cause? Cherryade

Top floor damaging spills:

Spilt milk


Selco research finds food spillages is common cause of floor damage


Spilt pink paint


Selco research reveals arts and crafts are one of biggest causes of damaged flooring


Spilt red nail varnish on carpet


Children's potty


Selco research finds children's slime is common cause of floor damage




Spilt glue


Cream damaging carpet


Kids' obsession with slime is damaging homes

One of the most surprising results from our survey is that slime was comfortably in the top ten spills that are causing the most damage to flooring in family homes. The recent Internet craze has become an obsession with younger children and is now leaving parents’ flooring all over the country sticky and ruined.

It appears that homemade slime is extremely tricky to remove, especially when dried into a carpet. Many parents have taken to homemade solutions to try and remove the stain. Distilled white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and even WD-40 have all been suggested as slime removers online. That being said, there are still plenty of parents struggling to remove sticky slime from their carpets and in-between floorboards. As a result, many parents are having to dig deep into their pockets to get the mess fixed. One parent surveyed had to face a £2,000 bill because of the sticky Internet sensation.

Flooring that beats the stains

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Luxury vinyl flooring provides great protection against drinks, slime, vomit and more. In fact, it’s so reliable it even comes with a 20-year warranty!

Horror Stories

We all have our own horror stories when it comes to children damaging our homes. Below are a few of our favourite stories from the parents who took our survey.

Wine Tsunami
“My six-year old tried to be helpful and fetched the red wine box from the kitchen…. The box burst open. The bag inside it split. And several litres of red wine splashed all over the living room and all over us. Carpet, sofa, curtains, clothing, all permanently stained.”

White Christmas
Playing in the snow can be fun, but preferably not indoors: “My eldest recreated a tv advert & with 3 bottles of baby powder made snow angels all over the living room.”

What a stinker!
Raising little ones can be a messy job, unfortunately this poor parent learnt that fact the hard way “My daughter took her nappy off and wiped the contents all over my cream carpet”.

Crying over spilt milk
One parent smelt something unpleasant which they had to track down because their little one “spilt milk behind a curtain, I didn’t know until it started to smell.”

Where has all the rum gone?!
The damage to the flooring is normally your main concern but, in this case, it may have been this parent’s secondary worry. “My 25-year-old bottle of rum was spilt.” Rum lovers know this one must have hurt. What a waste!

High speed living room pursuit
A car chase got messy for one parent “we were decorating the main bedroom and one child came running around chasing after a remote-controlled car. They knocked over a near full tub of white paint which went all over carpet!”

If you have any horror stories you want to share with us, you can post them on Twitter using the hashtag #flooringhorrorstories. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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