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The type of shower you install depends entirely on whether an electric shower that doesn’t use the household water system is desired, or a mixer shower which combines hot and cold water, but does use the household hot water system to heat the water, is preferred.

Electric showers are convenient for families and larger households, providing instantly heated water that doesn’t run from a boiler. Our range of electric showers offer a touch of elegance to any shower installation and are available in both chrome, white and white & chrome combined.

Mixer showers are easy to install and offer a more elegant, traditional look like that of the Linear Contemporary Thermostatic Concealed Mixer Shower, than the electric shower units. Some mixer showers are often designed for a specific boiler, so ensure that when making any equipment purchase, it is compatible with our other products, or installations already in place.

We also offer electric handwash systems Ideal for public spaces such as flats, cloakrooms, canteens and staff rooms. Which will only heat water when absolutely required, making them economical and environmentally friendly.