Copper Pipe & Fittings

All the copper pipe, fittings and accessories required for a fast fit-out can be found on our shelves in the quantities you need.

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We’ve got a massive variety of compression fittings for every job, including blanking nuts, stop ends, couplers and elbows. As part of our copper pipe range, we have a variety of widths and lengths to suite, as well as stainless steel tubes, all highly durable with a stylish finish.

In various sizes, shapes, lengths and angles, our end fittings offer flexibility and convenience for any plumbing installation, and are ideal for hot & cold systems, heating installations & fuel services. To complement, we supply straight solder ring fittings, elbow, tee and reducer solder ring fittings, along with stop ends, bent & straight tap connectors and solder ring imperial/metric adaptors.

As part of our plumbing and heating products you’ll also find gas burners & soldering equipment. If there happens to be any products you can’t find online, get in touch with us today or speak to a member of the team at your local branch so we can source the item for you.