Washing Machine Accessories

12 Items

  1. Blue Washing Machine Hose
    From£3.69Ex VAT£2.46 per mFrom£4.43 Inc VAT
  2. Red Washing Machine Hose
    From£4.55Ex VAT£3.03 per mFrom£5.46 Inc VAT
  3. Non  Kink Appliance Drain Hose
    From£4.49Ex VAT£2.99 per mFrom£5.39 Inc VAT
  4. 40mm Washng machine Trap With Standpipe
    £6.55Ex VAT£7.86 Inc VAT
  5. Threaded Inlet Hose Connector ¾" x ¾"
    £1.29Ex VAT£1.55 Inc VAT
  6. Washing Machine Valve Tee 15mm x 15mm x ¾"
    £3.45Ex VAT£4.14 Inc VAT
  7. Y Piece Connector ¾"
    £2.29Ex VAT£2.75 Inc VAT
  8. Bent Washing Machine Valve 15mm x ¾"
    £2.95Ex VAT£3.54 Inc VAT
  9. Outlet Hose Connector 17mm x 17mm
    £1.15Ex VAT£1.38 Inc VAT
  10. Appliance Self Cutting Tap
    £8.45Ex VAT£10.14 Inc VAT
  11. Straight Washing Machine Valve 15mm x ¾"
    £1.55Ex VAT£1.86 Inc VAT
  12. Plumbing Out Drain Kit
    £6.85Ex VAT£8.22 Inc VAT

More information about Washing Machine Accessories

At Selco, we’ve got all the washing machine accessories you need for installing or repairing washing machines.

Whether you're looking for a washing machine hose, connectors, valves or a drain out kit, we stock a large variety of tools and equipment to ensure you're always ready with the right washing machine accessories.

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