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Decorative Aggregates

14 Items

  1. Patchphalt Cold Lay Macadam 25kg
    From£8.85Ex VATFrom£10.62 Inc VAT
  2. MOT Type 1 Roadstone Large Bag
    From£1.75Ex VATFrom£2.10 Inc VAT
  3. 10mm Golden Gravel Large Bag
    From£4.89Ex VATFrom£5.87 Inc VAT
  4. Cotswold Chippings Large Bag
    From£3.15Ex VATFrom£3.78 Inc VAT
  5. Golden Flint Large Bag Cardff Only
    £3.15Ex VAT£3.78 Inc VAT
  6. 20mm Golden Gravel Large Bag
    From£2.99Ex VATFrom£3.59 Inc VAT
  7. 20mm Grey Limestone Large Bag North Only
    £4.15Ex VAT£4.98 Inc VAT
  8. 10mm Grey Limestone Large Bag North Only
    £4.15Ex VAT£4.98 Inc VAT
  9. Canterbury Spa Large Bag
    From£8.35Ex VATFrom£10.02 Inc VAT
  10. 20-40mm Scottish Pebbles Large Bag
    From£10.25Ex VATFrom£12.30 Inc VAT
  11. Blue Slate Large Bag
    From£4.49Ex VATFrom£5.39 Inc VAT
  12. 20mm Gravel Large Bag
    From£2.25Ex VATFrom£2.70 Inc VAT
  13. Plum Slate Large Bag
    From£5.05Ex VATFrom£6.06 Inc VAT
  14. Landscape Bark 100ltr
    £8.45Ex VAT£10.14 Inc VAT

More information about Decorative Aggregates

Which decorative aggregates are best for the garden?

Decorative aggregates are an excellent way to create a beautiful, unique outdoor space for your customer. Our range of stones, gravel and chippings can be used in many different garden projects depending on your customer’s preference, whether you’re looking to enhance pathways, driveways, ponds, rockeries, borders or other outdoor areas.

Aggregates are highly durable, weatherproof and easy to maintain, meaning they’re sure to last a long time in an outside space. Our decorative stones and chippings are available in many colours, sizes and styles, so we’re sure we’ve got something to suit every landscaping project.


Decorative gravel is a common aggregate used to transform an outdoor space, whether to create a driveway or mark borders, paths and edging. Gravel is low maintenance as it requires no mowing, prevents weeds and allows for the drainage of water. We have a few modern options available such as our Golden Gravel bags.


Garden pebbles bags consist of larger, smooth, rounded stones that work especially well around ponds and water features or as plant pot toppers. Our Scottish Pebbles are fish-friendly stones but can also be used in any decorative garden project.


Slate and stone chippings add character to any outdoor space and are available in multiple colours and styles. Our range of slate chippings include blue slate chips as well as plum slate chips. Slate chippings are a by-product of manufacturing roof slates, and are a great, environmentally friendly option compared to other decorative aggregates.

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