Soil Drainage

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  1. 110mm x 3m Plain Ended Soil Pipe
    From£18.95Ex VAT£6.32 per mFrom£22.74 Inc VAT
  2.  Access Pipe 110mm
    From£20.45Ex VATFrom£24.54 Inc VAT
  3. 110mm x 2m Single Socket Soil Pipe
    From£18.09Ex VAT£9.05 per mFrom£21.71 Inc VAT
  4. 110mm x  3m Single Socket Soil Pipe
    From£25.39Ex VAT£8.46 per mFrom£30.47 Inc VAT
  5. 32mm Short Boss Pipe
    From£4.79Ex VATFrom£5.75 Inc VAT
  6. 110mm Weathering Collar
    From£4.79Ex VATFrom£5.75 Inc VAT
  7. Vent Cowl Balloon Grating
    From£3.09Ex VATFrom£3.71 Inc VAT
  8. 110mm 92.5° Triple Socket 5 Boss Branch Grey
    £20.69Ex VAT£24.83 Inc VAT
  9. 110mm 92.5° Single Equal Branch Grey
    £23.65Ex VAT£28.38 Inc VAT
  10. 110mm Socket Plug Grey
    £6.49Ex VAT£7.79 Inc VAT
  11. 110mm 104° Spigot Tail Bend Grey
    £17.25Ex VAT£20.70 Inc VAT
  12. 110mm Waste manifold
    £25.09Ex VAT£30.11 Inc VAT
  13. 110mm Fire Stop
    £43.15Ex VAT£51.78 Inc VAT
  14. 110mm 5 To 30° Adjustable Bend Grey
    £15.45Ex VAT£18.54 Inc VAT
  15. 110mm 112.5° Offset Bend Spigot Tail Grey
    £17.65Ex VAT£21.18 Inc VAT

More information about Soil Drainage

Soil drainage can be a major part of most construction projects, which is why it's important to get the right equipment to support your job.

At Selco, our selection of soil drainage products covers everything from pipes and tail bends to brackets and branches. We stock a huge range of items in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, enabling you to create the soil drainage solutions you need.

The majority of our soil drainage products are lightweight and impact resistant, as well as benefiting from simple installation which allows you to complete your soil drainage jobs quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the soil drainage pipes and accessories we sell, you can also find fire stops, manifolds, extract covers and valves in our selection of products.

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