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Fence Panels

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  1. Lap Fence Panel 1829 x 1829mm (6' x 6') FSC®
    £28.19Ex VAT£33.83 Inc VAT
  2.  Lap Fence Panel 1829 x 1525mm (6' x 5') FSC®
    £24.29Ex VAT£29.15 Inc VAT
  3.  Lap Fence Panel 1829 x 1220mm (6' x 4') FSC®
    £23.69Ex VAT£28.43 Inc VAT
  4.  Lap Fence Panel 1829 x 914mm (6' x 3') FSC®
    £22.39Ex VAT£26.87 Inc VAT
  5. Closeboard Fence Panel 1829 x 1829mm (6' x 6') FSC®
    £36.35Ex VAT£43.62 Inc VAT
  6. Closeboard Fence Panel 1829 x 1525mm (6' x 5') FSC®
    £33.19Ex VAT£39.83 Inc VAT
  7. Closeboard Fence Panel 1829 x 1220mm (6' x 4') FSC®
    £29.79Ex VAT£35.75 Inc VAT
  8. Closeboard Fence Panel 1829 x 914mm (6'x 3') FSC®
    £28.05Ex VAT£33.66 Inc VAT
  9. Treated Green Feather Edge Fence Board 125 x 22mm x 2.4m FSC®
    £2.79Ex VAT£1.16 per m£3.35 Inc VAT
  10. Treated Green Feather Edge Fence Board 125 x 22mm x 1.8m FSC®
    £1.55Ex VAT£0.86 per m£1.86 Inc VAT
  11. Treated Brown Feather Edge Fence Board 125 x 22mm x 2.4m FSC®
    £2.79Ex VAT£1.16 per m£3.35 Inc VAT
  12. Treated Brown Feather Edge Fence Board 125 x 22mm x 1.8m FSC®
    £1.59Ex VAT£0.88 per m£1.91 Inc VAT
  13. Fence Wicket Gate Rounded Top 1000 x 900mm FSC®
    £31.55Ex VAT£37.86 Inc VAT
  14. Closeboard Gate Arch Top 1750 x 900mm FSC®
    £70.85Ex VAT£85.02 Inc VAT

More information about Fence Panels

Looking for high-quality wooden fence panels for your next landscaping and fencing project? We stock a range of fence panels in various types, sizes and styles, so no matter what you’re after, we’re sure we’ve got it. As well as panels and boards, we’ve got plenty of fence posts to match and other fencing supplies to complete your job to an excellent standard.

What types of fence panels do we offer at Selco?

Choosing the perfect garden fence panels depends on your customer’s personal style and budget. Made from certified timber, all our wood fence panels have been treated to protect them against the elements and fight against damp and rot, meaning you can rest assured your panels will stand the test of time. As well as being long-lasting, strong and durable, our fence panels look good too, and are ready to be painted or stained to get your desired colour and finish.

We offer a variety of sizes in our fence panel range, with 6x6 fence panels often being the most popular size for domestic gardens. Browse our 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft fence panels, all with 6ft widths.

Feather edge fence panels, also known as closeboard fence panels

Feather edge fence panels and closeboard fence panels are one and the same. The terms are used interchangeably to describe a type of panel constructed with overlapping vertical feather edge boards. Closeboard panels offer better privacy compared with other panel styles, and are a perfect option for building a perimeter or boundary wall for your customer’s garden.

We also sell individual feather edge boards for you to construct your own fencing, sheds or cladding. The boards are also treated in the same way as the panels, helping to prevent damp and rot.

Lap fence panels

Lap fence panels, or overlap fence panels, are a traditional style of fencing and the most popular choice on the market for domestic garden projects. Constructed with overlapping horizontal boards slotted into a frame, lap fence panels offer a timeless, rustic appearance. An affordable option for your customer’s garden perimeter, our traditional lap fencing has good privacy and durability.

Trellis fence panels

Garden trellis panels and screening are a popular choice for adding a little privacy and shade to your customer’s garden. They can be added to the top of traditional fence panels to finish the look, used as a structure for climbing plants, or used to separate different areas of the garden. We offer various sizes of square trellis fence panels, so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your project requirements.

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