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Rope & Chain

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  1. Fine Cotton String
    £3.35Ex VAT£0.01 per m£4.02 Inc VAT
  2. Medium Cotton String
    From£1.99Ex VAT£0.03 per mFrom£2.39 Inc VAT
  3. Sisal String Ball (2/300) 75m
    £4.55Ex VAT£5.46 Inc VAT
  4. Waxed Cotton Sash Cord (No.4) 6mm x 12.5m
    £5.89Ex VAT£7.07 Inc VAT
  5. Jute Sash Cord
    From£2.95Ex VATFrom£3.54 Inc VAT
  6. Red Spot Sash Cord
    From£7.09Ex VATFrom£8.51 Inc VAT
  7. Polypropylene Looped Lorry Rope 10mm x 27m
    £10.35Ex VAT£12.42 Inc VAT
  8. Twisted Polypropylene Blue Rope
    From£5.59Ex VAT£0.28 per mFrom£6.71 Inc VAT
  9. Braided Polypropylene White Rope
    From£4.65Ex VAT£0.16 per mFrom£5.58 Inc VAT
  10. Braided Polypropylene Blue Rope
    From£4.65Ex VAT£0.16 per mFrom£5.58 Inc VAT
  11. High Grade Security Chain
    From£17.05Ex VATFrom£20.46 Inc VAT
  12. BZP Welded Link Chain
    From£3.99Ex VAT£1.60 per mFrom£4.79 Inc VAT
  13. Galvanised Welded Link Chain
    From£8.79Ex VAT£2.93 per mFrom£10.55 Inc VAT
  14. Black Plated Welded Link Chain
    From£4.39Ex VAT£1.76 per mFrom£5.27 Inc VAT
  15. Brass Plated Decorative Twist Chain 3.4mm x 2m
    £8.39Ex VAT£4.20 per m£10.07 Inc VAT

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