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  1. Garden Tap ½" x ¾" BSP with Double Check Valve
    £5.99Ex VAT£7.19 Inc VAT
  2. Threaded Tap Connector ¾" BSP
    £4.75Ex VAT£5.70 Inc VAT
  3. Hose End Connector for 12.5 - 15mm Hose
    £4.59Ex VAT£5.51 Inc VAT
  4. Hose Jet Spray Gun
    £11.75Ex VAT£14.10 Inc VAT
  5. Hose Repair Connector for 12.5 - 15mm Hose
    £3.85Ex VAT£4.62 Inc VAT
  6. 25m Multi Purpose Hose Reel
    £32.99Ex VAT£1.32 per m£39.59 Inc VAT
  7. 15m PVC Reinforced Hose
    £14.99Ex VAT£1.00 per m£17.99 Inc VAT
  8. AquaStop Connector for 12.5 - 15mm Hose
    £7.09Ex VAT£8.51 Inc VAT
  9. Hozelock 3-in-1 Nozzle
    £7.99Ex VAT£9.59 Inc VAT
  10. 30m Garden Hose
    £27.99Ex VAT£0.93 per m£33.59 Inc VAT
  11. Green Plastic Watering Can 9ltr
    £5.89Ex VAT£7.07 Inc VAT
  12. Garden Tap Hose Union Connector ¾" F x ½" Stem
    £1.85Ex VAT£2.22 Inc VAT
  13. 50m Garden Hose
    £42.75Ex VAT£0.86 per m£51.30 Inc VAT
  14. Outdoor Garden Tap Kit
    £22.59Ex VAT£27.11 Inc VAT
  15. Stormguard Outside Tap Cover
    £5.49Ex VAT£6.59 Inc VAT

More information about Watering

Keep the garden fresh and hydrated for your customer with our range of garden watering accessories, from hose reels and garden spray guns to watering cans and sprinklers. Watering plants and grass is an essential part of encouraging proper growth and keeping the garden’s greenery vibrant and healthy. You might also need some garden watering equipment for other outdoor tasks, such as cleaning patios or cars, filling swimming pools and more.

Our range of garden hose reels, spray guns and hose connectors

A garden hose reel is a handy piece of garden equipment for when you need to water larger areas of water – hose pipe reels can be connected from a garden tap to sprinklers, hose spray guns or other watering tools. We’ve got a few heavy-duty, flexible hose reels to choose from in different lengths depending on the outdoor task at hand, as well as a selection of hose pipe connectors and nozzles with easy click-fit connections.

We also stock a couple of garden spray guns with multiple spray patterns to suit your watering needs, ranging from a fine mist for watering plants or a powerful jet stream for removing dirt and debris. Choose your hose reel, spray gun and connectors, as well as other watering accessories, from top, reliable brands such as Stanley and Hozelock. The Hozelock Oscillating Sprinkler gives even coverage across up to 180m², making it perfect for lawns.

Looking for garden watering cans to keep your plants hydrated?

A watering can is a perfect tool for watering plants in smaller, specific areas such as in gardens and indoors. Using a watering can allows you to water in a gentle and controlled manner, helping you to promote healthy plant growth and keep your greenery looking fresh. A cost-effective alternative to a galvanised metal watering can, our Green Plastic Watering Can has a 9L capacity and a lightweight, long-spouted design.

What garden taps do we have available?

A garden tap provides a way to connect to a water source within a garden or outdoor area, to help with activities and tasks such as watering plants or filling buckets and pools, by attaching a garden hose to the tap. Whether you’re looking for a garden tap, a garden tap connector, or even a garden tap kit to connect to an indoor water supply pipe, we’ve got it at Selco.

Get your garden watering equipment and supplies at trade-only prices

You can have your plant watering equipment sent straight to your site with our free Click & Deliver service or save time and pick up at your local branch using our Click & Collect service.

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