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Steel Lintels

Steel Lintels

7 Items

  1. L1/S100 Standard Cavity Lintel
    From£55.09Ex VATFrom£66.11 Inc VAT
  2. L10 Single Leaf External Lintel
    From£29.79Ex VATFrom£35.75 Inc VAT
  3. L1/S50 Standard Cavity Lintel
    From£51.89Ex VATFrom£62.27 Inc VAT
  4. L9 Solid Wall External Lintel
    From£52.69Ex VATFrom£63.23 Inc VAT
  5. L1/S75 Standard Cavity Lintel
    From£53.89Ex VATFrom£64.67 Inc VAT
  6. L1/S110 Standard Cavity Lintel
    From£61.39Ex VATFrom£73.67 Inc VAT
  7. Single Leaf Internal Lintel 100 x 1200mm
    £13.75Ex VAT£16.50 Inc VAT

More information about Steel Lintels

What are steel lintels?

If you need strong and durable load-bearing support for your brickwork, steel lintels are an ideal solution. Steel lintels are support beams used between two vertical supports and placed over door and window openings, external doors, internal partitions and other openings, and are an essential support mechanism in any structural project.

Most often, you’ll use a metal lintel over a window or doorway frame opening as a way of strengthening the structure at a potentially weak point by distributing the weight from above across the surrounding walls. Lintel support is a crucial part in ensuring the structural integrity of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Steel lintels are used in masonry cavity walls, solid inside and outside walls, closed eaves, timber frame building and jobs where high load-bearing support is needed.

What are the benefits of using steel lintels?

Steel lintels have an especially high strength-to-weight ratio when compared to other types of lintels. Our choice of metal lintels can support heavier loads with less material, making them more cost-effective and space-saving than concrete or timber lintels. They also offer excellent thermal performance and are usually galvanized or coated with zinc to prevent rusting and ensure a long-lasting performance in any weather condition.

As well as offering load bearing support, improving wall integrity, and providing stability and durability, they’re easier to work with than other types of lintels. They’re more lightweight and therefore very easy to handle, fix, cut and install, helping to cut down on the installation time.

Steel lintels are incredibly versatile and come in various shapes, sizes and profiles to suit different applications and architectural styles. They can be tailored to fit a certain project’s needs, for example arched, corner or bay window support, and you can find flat, curved, arched or tapered steel lintels depending on the requirements of the job at hand.

What types of steel lintels do we have available?

You’ll find a wide choice of steel lintels available at Selco from leading brands such as IG. We supply a range of standard cavity lintels, internal and external single leaf lintels, and external solid wall lintels. Our lintels are available in a variety of types and sizes, there’s sure to be a steel lintel that matches the requirements of the job at hand. Our lightweight lintels enable you to manually handle each product without the need for machinery and therefore saving you money and time.

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