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Trunking & Conduit

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  1. Metal Cable Sheathing 12mm x 2m
    £1.99Ex VAT£2.39 Inc VAT
  2. Metal Cable Sheathing 25mm x 2m
    £2.35Ex VAT£2.82 Inc VAT
  3. Metal Cable Sheathing 38mm x 2m
    £2.75Ex VAT£1.38 per m£3.30 Inc VAT
  4. Oval Conduit 16mm x 3m
    £2.69Ex VAT£3.23 Inc VAT
  5. Oval Conduit 30mm x 3m
    £3.49Ex VAT£1.16 per m£4.19 Inc VAT
  6. Round Conduit 20mm x 3m
    £2.75Ex VAT£3.30 Inc VAT
  7. 20mm White Conduit Compression Glands Pack of 2
    £1.95Ex VAT£2.34 Inc VAT
  8. 20mm White Conduit Inspection Tee Pack of 2
    £4.05Ex VAT£4.86 Inc VAT
  9. 20mm White Conduit Inspection Elbow Pack of 2
    £3.05Ex VAT£3.66 Inc VAT
  10. 20mm White Conduit Box Lids Pack of 2
    £1.19Ex VAT£1.43 Inc VAT
  11. 20mm White Conduit Tee Box Pack of 2
    £2.95Ex VAT£3.54 Inc VAT
  12. 20mm White Conduit Angle Box Pack of 2
    £2.95Ex VAT£3.54 Inc VAT
  13. 20mm White Conduit Through Box Pack of 2
    £2.95Ex VAT£3.54 Inc VAT
  14. 20mm White Conduit Terminal Box Pack of 2
    £2.59Ex VAT£3.11 Inc VAT
  15. 20mm White Conduit Male Adaptors Pack of 2
    £1.59Ex VAT£1.91 Inc VAT

More information about Trunking & Conduit

Ensure your cables are effectively secured and protected with our huge range of cabling accessories. Designed to keep your cables and wires safe, we stock a wide variety of trunking & conduit in several shapes and sizes.

If you're looking for trunking, our comprehensive selection of cabling accessories includes everything from self-adhesive trunking and traditional trunking, to stop ends and internal angles for your specialist installations.

When it comes to conduit, we stock both round and oval conduit which can be cut to length, as well as spacer bar saddles and inspection elbows.

In addition, our cabling accessories range also includes fixing clips and metal cable sheathing to help protect your cabling on the job.

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