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For any plumbing and heating fit-out, we have a massive selection of wastes & pipework available. Overflows, pushfits, solvent welds, traps & wastes and universal compressions, we have all shapes, lengths, sizes and angles including tees, elbows, connectors and overflow pipes.

As part of our pushfit range, you can find 32mm and 40mm 90° knuckle bends, 32mm 92.5° & 135°, along with a variety of other lengths and angles, swept bends, coupling, reducers, swept tees, waste pipes and more, in grey and white.

You’ll also find bath traps, P traps, trap adjustable inlets, bottle traps, trap resealing and running traps, along with all of the additional fittings you need, and a range of coupling and compression bends.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online or in-branch, just let us know and we’ll track down anything you’re looking for!