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9 Items

  1. MDPE Blue Pipe 25m
    From£20.39Ex VAT£0.82 per mFrom£24.47 Inc VAT
  2. JG Speedfit MDPE Copper Coupler
    From£6.29Ex VATFrom£7.55 Inc VAT
  3. JG Speedfit MDPE Straight Coupler
    From£3.49Ex VATFrom£4.19 Inc VAT
  4. JG Speedfit MDPE Stop End
    From£4.69Ex VATFrom£5.63 Inc VAT
  5. JG Speedfit MDPE Pipe Insert
    From£3.09Ex VATFrom£3.71 Inc VAT
  6. JG Speedfit MDPE Equal Tee
    From£5.85Ex VATFrom£7.02 Inc VAT
  7. JG Speedfit MDPE Equal Elbow
    From£4.39Ex VATFrom£5.27 Inc VAT
  8. JG Speedfit MDPE 25mm Stop Tap
    £23.35Ex VAT£28.02 Inc VAT
  9. Philmac MDPE Copper Connection Kit 25mm x 22mm
    £2.75Ex VAT£3.30 Inc VAT

More information about MDPE

Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) is an essential for any plumber's toolkit, whether you're connecting mains water supplies to a new-build home or extending a water supply to an outbuilding or extension. At Selco, we stock MDPE pipe and MDPE fittings, enabling you to get everything you need in one place.

Our MDPE fittings allow for quick and easy installation, with minimal force and tools required, thanks to slide and tighten technology.

Our blue MDPE pipe is suitable for underground potable water services, enabling the connection of individual properties to distribution mains. It is lightweight and durable, and is available in both 20mm and 25mm diameters.

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