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Planed Timber

Planed Timber

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  1. PAR Redwood 50 x 50mm (2" x 2") PTL NOM PEFC
    From£3.78Ex VATFrom£4.54 Inc VAT
  2. PAR Redwood 38 x 16mm (1 ½" x 5/8") NOM PEFC
    £1.19Ex VAT£1.19 per m£1.43 Inc VAT
  3. PAR Redwood Door Stop Firecheck 38 x 32mm NOM PEFC
    £1.49Ex VAT£1.79 Inc VAT
  4. PAR Redwood Boards 150 x 25mm (6" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £4.35Ex VAT£4.35 per m£5.22 Inc VAT
  5. PAR Redwood Boards 100 x 25mm (4" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £3.55Ex VAT£3.55 per m£4.26 Inc VAT
  6. PAR Redwood Boards 75 x 25mm (3" x 1") NOM  PEFC
    £3.05Ex VAT£3.05 per m£3.66 Inc VAT
  7. PAR Redwood Boards 125 x 25mm (5" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £3.65Ex VAT£3.65 per m£4.38 Inc VAT
  8. PAR Redwood 100 x 50mm (4" x 2") PTL NOM PEFC
    From£9.89Ex VATFrom£11.87 Inc VAT
  9. PAR Redwood 38 x 25mm (1 ½" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £2.09Ex VAT£2.09 per m£2.51 Inc VAT
  10. PAR Redwood 75 x 50mm (3" x 2") PTL NOM PEFC
    From£7.29Ex VATFrom£8.75 Inc VAT
  11. PAR Redwood Boards 175 x 25mm (7" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £6.89Ex VAT£6.89 per m£8.27 Inc VAT
  12. PAR Redwood 25 x 25mm (1" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £1.49Ex VAT£1.49 per m£1.79 Inc VAT
  13. PAR Redwood Boards 200 x 25mm (8" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £7.79Ex VAT£7.79 per m£9.35 Inc VAT
  14. PAR Redwood 25 x 16mm (1" x  5/8") NOM PEFC
    £0.89Ex VAT£0.89 per m£1.07 Inc VAT

More information about Planed Timber

What is planed timber?

Planed timber, also known as planed all round timber (PAR), is sawn timber that has been planed (sanded) on all sides to create a smooth, even surface without imperfections or bumps. This type of timber is often used in areas where it is going to be seen and so it needs to look good.

Rough sawn timber can be used for carcassing or timber framing projects because it will be hidden, but smooth planed timber is more aesthetically pleasing and can be used in a variety of applications. Building sheds and summer houses, creating a bespoke piece of furniture, and internal joinery jobs can all benefit from using planed timber.

Planed timber: PAR hardwood, softwood, redwood and whitewood

We have a variety of different types of PAR timber available from Selco, so we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for to help finish your joinery project.

PAR hardwood and PAR softwood

Planed softwood timber is faster growing than hardwood, making it less dense and lighter in both weight and colour. Planed hardwood timber or PAR hardwood timber is made from slow growing hardwood, which gives it a more condensed structure, heavier weight, and higher strength and durability.

PAR Redwood and PAR whitewood

PAR redwood timber or redwood planed timber is slow-grown, durable wood that’s great for making skirting boards, staircases and outdoor furniture. Planed whitewood timber is lighter than redwood, and is ideal for furniture making, flooring and stairs.

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