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Planed Timber

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  1. PAR Redwood 25 x 16mm (1" x  5/8") NOM PEFC
    £0.85Ex VAT£0.85 per m£1.02 Inc VAT
  2. PAR Redwood 25 x 25mm (1" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £1.49Ex VAT£1.49 per m£1.79 Inc VAT
  3. PAR Redwood 38 x 16mm (1 ½" x 5/8") NOM PEFC
    £1.15Ex VAT£1.15 per m£1.38 Inc VAT
  4. PAR Redwood 38 x 25mm (1 ½" x 1") NOM PEFC
    £1.99Ex VAT£1.99 per m£2.39 Inc VAT
  5. PAR Redwood 38 x 38mm (1 ½" x 1 ½") NOM PEFC
    £3.29Ex VAT£3.29 per m£3.95 Inc VAT
  6. PAR Redwood 50 x 16mm (2" x 5/8") NOM PEFC
    £1.39Ex VAT£1.39 per m£1.67 Inc VAT
  7. PAR Hardwood 50 x 25mm (2" x 1")
    £5.95Ex VAT£5.95 per m£7.14 Inc VAT
  8. PAR Softwood Whitewood 50 x 22mm  (2" x 1") PTL NOM PEFC
    From£2.15Ex VAT£1.19 per mFrom£2.58 Inc VAT
  9. PAR Redwood 50 x 38mm (2" x 1 ½") NOM PEFC
    £2.65Ex VAT£2.65 per m£3.18 Inc VAT
  10. PAR Redwood 50 x 50mm (2" x 2") PTL NOM PEFC
    From£3.79Ex VAT£2.11 per mFrom£4.55 Inc VAT
  11. PAR Redwood Boards 75 x 25mm (3" x 1") NOM  PEFC
    £2.89Ex VAT£2.89 per m£3.47 Inc VAT
  12. PAR Hardwood 75 x 25mm (3" x 1")
    £7.09Ex VAT£7.09 per m£8.51 Inc VAT
  13. PAR Redwood 75 x 50mm (3" x 2") PTL NOM PEFC
    From£6.95Ex VAT£3.86 per mFrom£8.34 Inc VAT
  14. PAR Hardwood 75 x 50mm (3" x 2")
    £16.59Ex VAT£16.59 per m£19.91 Inc VAT
  15. PAR Redwood 75 x 75mm (3" x 3") NOM PEFC
    £9.45Ex VAT£9.45 per m£11.34 Inc VAT

More information about Planed Timber

Planed timber is suitable for a wide variety of projects, from building a shed or summer house to creating a walk-in wardrobe or bespoke piece of furniture. The Selco range of planed timber has something to suit every requirement, with several sizes and types of timber available.

We stock a large selection of PAR redwood timber, ideal for both internal and external joinery work where a smooth and high-quality finish is required. This planed timber is cut from slower grown redwood pine trees, giving it additional strength and durability.

We also carry PAR hardwood timber that can be used for solid construction work, such as stud walling. Our hardwood timbers are kiln dried and sourced from PEFC approved Scandinavian forests.

All our planed timber can be found in several different sizes, with both short and long lengths available. We even offer a timber cutting service in branch if you prefer to buy your planed timber ready-cut.

Find your nearest Selco branch using our branch finder and visit today. Save time before heading into branch by ordering through our speedy and convenient Click & Collect service.

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