Pipe Clips

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  1. 15mm Nail In Pipe Clips
    From£1.09Ex VATFrom£1.31 Inc VAT
  2. Snap on Pipe Clip
    From£0.99Ex VATFrom£1.19 Inc VAT
  3. 22mm Nail In Pipe Clips
    From£1.49Ex VATFrom£1.79 Inc VAT
  4. Double Pipe Clips
    From£1.85Ex VATFrom£2.22 Inc VAT
  5. 15mm Pipe Collar
    From£1.45Ex VATFrom£1.74 Inc VAT
  6. Hinged Pipe Clip
    From£1.79Ex VATFrom£2.15 Inc VAT
  7. Speedfit Nail In Pipe Clips
    From£12.45Ex VATFrom£14.94 Inc VAT
  8. 22mm Pipe Collar
    From£1.59Ex VATFrom£1.91 Inc VAT
  9. JG Speedfit 15mm Pipe Clip Pack 50
    £12.25Ex VAT£14.70 Inc VAT
  10. Copper Saddle Pipe Clip 15mm Pack 8
    £1.85Ex VAT£2.22 Inc VAT
  11. Flush Pipe Clamp
    £7.59Ex VAT£9.11 Inc VAT
  12. Chrome Stand Off Pipe Clips 15mm
    £2.39Ex VAT£2.87 Inc VAT
  13. Pipe Cover & Clips 15mm x 2.5m
    £8.49Ex VAT£3.40 per m£10.19 Inc VAT
  14. JG Speedfit 22mm Pipe Clip & Spacer Pack 50
    £12.35Ex VAT£14.82 Inc VAT
  15. White Pipesnap 1m x 15mm Pack 3
    £13.50Ex VAT£13.50 per m£16.20 Inc VAT

More information about Pipe Clips

Secure your pipes with our extensive range of pipe clips and collars. At Selco, we stock plumbing pipe clips in a variety of types and sizes, ensuring you can get everything you need for your plumbing and heating projects, all in one place.

Our selection includes single pipe clips, double pipe clips, hinged pipe clips, nail clips, pipe snaps and pipe spacers. As well as a variety of types, our pipe clips also come in several different materials, from cost-effective white plastic to copper and chrome.

In addition to clips and fittings, we also stock Chrome Pipesnap, enabling you to easily add a decorative and protective finish to standard copper pipework, with a simple cut and snap on process.

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