Building Aggregates

Get the building aggregates you need for the job. Our yard is piled high with bags of ballast, sand stone and gravel. All ready to be taken away.

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Always ensure you have all of the necessary aggregates for any building job. Aggregates for building include ballast, jumbo bags, sand,  and stone & gravel - you can find everything you need online and in-branch at competitively low prices. Our jumbo bags are available in a variety of sizes and suit a variety of purposes.

Storing chippings, gravel, sand and flint, and also available in multi-use, our jumbo bags are durable and re-usable. We also stock a range of sand including red building sand and yellow building sand, plastering sand, sharp sand, play-pit sand, dredged sand, holm sand and kiln dried sand. Our gravel range includes standard limestone gravel and golden gravel.

Find our building aggregates online and drop into your nearest Selco branch to pick up all the products you need.