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Plywood Sheets & Boards

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  1. DryGuard Water Repellent Plywood FSC®
    • whilst stocks last

    DryGuard Water Repellent Plywood FSC®


    £59.55Ex VAT£20.00 per m²£71.46 Inc VAT
  2. General Purpose Plywood 2440 x 1220mm
    From£12.99Ex VATFrom£15.59 Inc VAT
  3. Sheathing Plywood 2440 x 1220mm
    From£21.89Ex VATFrom£26.27 Inc VAT
  4. General Purpose Plywood 1829 x 607mm
    From£10.49Ex VATFrom£12.59 Inc VAT
  5. General Purpose Plywood 1220 x 606mm
    From£7.35Ex VATFrom£8.82 Inc VAT
  6. Marine Plywood 1220 x 2440 x 18mm
    £78.59Ex VAT£94.31 Inc VAT

More information about Plywood Sheets & Boards

One of the most versatile materials used in building work, plywood is an essential across a vast range of industries and used by tradespeople. At Selco, we offer a variety of plywood sheets for your business, covering a range of sizes and board types to meet your needs.

What is plywood?

Plywood is an engineered wood panel material made from several thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together with each layer rotating the wood grain by up to 90 degrees. This cross-graining of the wood layers gives plywood board several advantages – namely consistent strength across the panel and a reduction in the wood’s tendency to split, shrink or expand.

Typically, a plywood sheet is comprised of an odd number of layers to give it balance. Depending on the quality and cost of the plywood, the wood grain can either be rotated in consistent 90-degree blocks or, in stronger plywood builds, 45-degree increments.

What are plywood sheets used for?

The simplicity, effectiveness and versatility of plywood sees it in regular use across a wide range of industries including building and construction, furniture manufacturing, interior design and the automotive sector, among numerous others.

The high stress and exposure properties of plywood mean that it’s commonly found in structural applications such as partitions and external walls, formwork and beams. Its strength and durability characteristics also make it ideal for a variety of non-structural works including floors and boxing.

What types of plywood board are available at Selco?

We offer a variety of plywood sizes and types at Selco to meet a wide range of trade requirements.

Our hardwearing general-purpose plywood is ideal for non-structural joinery projects, including floors, walls and boxing, and is available in sizes ranging from 1220 x 660mm to 2440 x 1220mm, with 18mm plywood also available. For structural applications, our C+/C grade sheathing interior and exterior plywood sheets are great for roofing, sheds and packaging.

If you’re looking for a high -quality, durable plywood for use in humid or wet conditions, our marine plywood is resistant to both delaminating and fungal attack, with our 18mm plywood the building material of choice across a wide array of construction projects.

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