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Cement Additives & Dyes

Cement Additives & Dyes

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  1. Sealomix Mortar Plasticiser
    From£4.25Ex VATFrom£5.10 Inc VAT
  2. Bond It SBR Admixture 5ltr
    £17.99Ex VAT£21.59 Inc VAT
  3. Sealotone Powder Cement Dye 1kg
    From£12.15Ex VATFrom£14.58 Inc VAT
  4. Sealomix Ultra Mortar Plasticiser 1ltr
    £12.19Ex VAT£14.63 Inc VAT
  5. Halftime Plaster Accelerator
    £2.00Ex VAT£2.40 Inc VAT
  6. Bond It Integral Water Resistant Plasticiser 5ltr
    £8.99Ex VAT£10.79 Inc VAT
  7. Extratime Plaster Retarder
    £2.00Ex VAT£2.40 Inc VAT
  8. Sealoproof Waterproofer
    From£15.09Ex VATFrom£18.11 Inc VAT
  9. 20mm Fibre Additives For Concrete & Screed 100g
    £4.35Ex VAT£5.22 Inc VAT
  10. Sealotone Liquid Cement Dye 1ltr
    From£13.75Ex VATFrom£16.50 Inc VAT
  11. 203 Accelerator & Frostproofer 5ltr
    £6.29Ex VAT£7.55 Inc VAT
  12. Sika-1 Waterproofer For Basements & Cellars
    From£84.59Ex VATFrom£101.51 Inc VAT
  13. Halftime 4Bonding Plaster Accelerator
    £2.00Ex VAT£2.40 Inc VAT
  14. Bond It Frostproofer & Rapid Hardener 5ltr
    £8.99Ex VAT£10.79 Inc VAT
  15. Bond It Integral Water Resistant Plasticiser 25ltr
    £23.99Ex VAT£28.79 Inc VAT

More information about Cement Additives & Dyes

Our selection of cement additives and cement dye can help you to achieve the best results in your latest construction projects. Additives can help assist or enhance the properties of the mortar or cement mix depending on the desired outcome or the job requirements. We offer a great range of plasticisers, accelerators, retarders, water proofers and frost proofers, colourers and much more.

What concrete additives and mortar additives do we have available?

Accelerators help to speed up the setting and hardening process of cement and mortar, whilst retarders slow it down. If you’re looking for a concrete waterproofer additive, many of our accelerators, retarders and plasticisers include waterproofing and frost-proofing qualities as an added benefit.

Our cement plasticiser range includes Bond It’s Water-Resistant Plasticiser which improves the workability of concrete and mortar in its wet state whilst also doubling as a cement waterproofer. The Sealoproof Cement Waterproofer creates a durable waterproof finish while also acting as a cement and render retarder to slow down the setting process, whilst Sealomix’s Mortar Plasticiser supplies added strength to concrete and adds frost-resistance against freezing and thawing.

Or if you’re looking for versatile, multi-purpose additives that can do it all, we’ve got some great products including the Sealorend Waterproofer, Retarder and Plasticiser that is especially handy when working with larger areas, as well as the SBR Admixture which serves as a bonding agent, sealer, primer and waterproofer in one.

We also stock reinforcing concrete fibres such as 20mm concrete and screed fibres which help to minimise splitting and cracking.

Concrete colouring: what mortar dye and concrete dye do we stock?

When it comes to achieving the right finish and aesthetic for your construction work, we’ve got some cement colouring products that might come in handy. We stock cement colour dye in both liquid and powder form. Sealotone Liquid Cement Dye provides high-quality pigment and can be mixed cleanly into concrete, mortar, floors and render. Or if you’re looking for a concrete dye powder, Sealotone Powder Cement Dye can be used in dry mix and is available in black, red, yellow, buff and more.

Get your mortar and concrete additives, plasticisers and dyes at low trade prices

From concrete plastisicers and mortar water proofers to cement accelerators, retarders, dyes and everything in between, we’ve got it at Selco.

You can order your cement colouring and additives as well as cement bags straight to your job site through our free Click & Deliver service, or you can save time and pick up at your local branch using our Click & Collect service.

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