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Joist Hangers

Joist Hangers

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  1. Light Duty Hanger Standard Leg 47mm
    From£1.15Ex VATFrom£1.38 Inc VAT
  2. Medium Duty Hanger Long Leg
    From£3.55Ex VATFrom£4.26 Inc VAT
  3. Timber To Masonry Joist Hanger S
    From£1.99Ex VATFrom£2.39 Inc VAT
  4. Light Duty Hanger Standard Leg 91mm
    £1.15Ex VAT£1.38 Inc VAT
  5. Mini Hanger 47mm
    From£0.55Ex VATFrom£0.66 Inc VAT
  6. Type 240 Multi Truss Hanger 47mm
    £2.59Ex VAT£3.11 Inc VAT
  7. Mono Truss Shoe
    From£2.59Ex VATFrom£3.11 Inc VAT
  8. Multi Truss Hanger Type 380 47mm
    £3.15Ex VAT£3.78 Inc VAT
  9. Light Duty Hanger Standard Leg 38mm
    £1.15Ex VAT£1.38 Inc VAT
  10. Type 340 Multi Truss Hanger 47mm
    £2.95Ex VAT£3.54 Inc VAT
  11. Type 500 Multi Truss Hanger
    From£3.35Ex VATFrom£4.02 Inc VAT
  12. Truss Clip
    From£0.49Ex VATFrom£0.59 Inc VAT
  13. Mini Hanger 38mm
    £0.55Ex VAT£0.66 Inc VAT
  14. Ridge Rafter Connector 47mm
    £3.29Ex VAT£3.95 Inc VAT
  15. Light Duty Hanger Standard Leg 75mm
    £1.05Ex VAT£1.26 Inc VAT

More information about Joist Hangers

Need Joist Hangers for Your Next Job?

Find all the joist hangers, angled joist hangers and joist clips you need in one place at Selco. Our wide range of galvanised joist hangers are designed to provide support and ease of installation for those projects where you need them most. So dive in and find the perfect match.

Simpsons’ joist hangers with adjustable height straps provide more surface area on the supporting timber allowing increased nail space. Not impressed with holding the joist, hanger nails and hammer all at once, these angled joist hangers come with built-in speed prongs allowing you to keep it all in place for easier attachment. 

See our list of sizes below:

  • U Joist Hangers - 50 x 165 x 85mm, 50 x 225 x 85mm, 76 x 153 x 85mm, 76 x 213 x 85mm
  • Masonry Joist Hangers - 75 x 175mm, 47 x 100mm, 47 x 125mm, 47 x 150mm, 47 x 175mm, 47 x 200mm, 47 x 225mm
  • Timber Joist Hangers - 38 x 270mm, 75 x 450mm, 150 x 450mm, 75 x 270mm, 47 x 270mm, 47 x 450mm, 91 x 270mm, 91 x 450mm

You'll also find truss hangers, and prong joist hangers 38 x 96mm and 47 x 92mm.

Simpsons U joist hangers and masonry joist hangers are available from our extensive stock in a variety of sizes, along with light speed prong and timber joist hangers. Unable to find exactly what you’re looking for, let us know – we’ll find it for you!

Joist Hangers at Trade-Only Prices. We’ve Got It!

Check out which Selco branch is closest to you using our branch finder and visit today to get your Joist Hangers. Save time and use our Click & Collect service and we’ll have your order ready in just 30 minutes. Or if you need a free bulky delivery, we can arrange that too.

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