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Jigsaw Blades

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  1. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T111c (Pk 5)
    £4.35Ex VAT£5.22 Inc VAT
  2. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T119b (Pk 5)
    £5.25Ex VAT£6.30 Inc VAT
  3. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T119bo (Pk 5)
    £8.65Ex VAT£10.38 Inc VAT
  4. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T144d (Pk 5)
    £6.79Ex VAT£8.15 Inc VAT
  5. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T244d (Pk 5)
    £8.85Ex VAT£10.62 Inc VAT
  6. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T144dp (Pk 5)
    £9.05Ex VAT£10.86 Inc VAT
  7. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T101ao (Pk 5)
    £7.95Ex VAT£9.54 Inc VAT
  8. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T101b (Pk 5)
    £8.69Ex VAT£10.43 Inc VAT
  9. Jigsaw Blades For Wood T101br (Pk 5)
    £9.79Ex VAT£11.75 Inc VAT
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More information about Jigsaw Blades

Available in packs of three or five, our jigsaw blades provide a great deal of accuracy when cutting through wood or metal.

Whether you need to cut clean, straight lines or curved cuts in wood, we’ve got the correct jigsaw blade for any task. Our jigsaw blades for metal are great for fast-cutting standard strength and non-perforated metal sheets in varying thicknesses.

At Selco, we know that with heavy use you'll need to change your jigsaw blades more frequently. Our blades are sold in packs of three or five to ensure you don't need to keep ordering a single blade each time one needs replacing. For more information, our branch teams are always happy to talk through your projects.

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