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Metal Stud

Metal Stud

10 Items

  1. Superior U Track
    From£2.99Ex VATFrom£3.59 Inc VAT
  2. Superior Standard C Stud
    From£2.95Ex VATFrom£3.54 Inc VAT
  3. Superior C Stud
    From£3.35Ex VATFrom£4.02 Inc VAT
  4. Siniat Metal U Track Partition UT52/RX 52mm x 3m
    £5.39Ex VAT£1.80 per m£6.47 Inc VAT
  5. Siniat Metal U Track Partition UT72/RX 72mm x 3m
    £6.29Ex VAT£2.10 per m£7.55 Inc VAT
  6. Siniat Metal C Stud Partition CS50/RX 50mm x 2.4m
    £4.59Ex VAT£1.91 per m£5.51 Inc VAT
  7. Siniat Metal C Stud Partition CS50/RX 50mm x 2.7m
    £4.95Ex VAT£1.83 per m£5.94 Inc VAT
  8. Siniat Metal C Stud Partition CS70/RX 70mm x 3m
    £7.89Ex VAT£2.63 per m£9.47 Inc VAT
  9. Siniat Metal C Stud Partition CS70/RX 70mm x 2.4m
    £5.75Ex VAT£2.40 per m£6.90 Inc VAT
  10. Siniat Metal C Stud Partition CS70/RX 70mm x 2.7m
    £7.09Ex VAT£2.63 per m£8.51 Inc VAT

More information about Metal Stud

Looking for metal stud materials for your next studwork project?

Metal stud framing is used in construction as an alternative to traditional timber stud framing. Used to create structural framework and support for walls, partitions and ceilings, metal studs have many benefits over timber studwork. Metal studs and tracks are stronger and more durable, won’t be affected by rot or insect attacks, and are non-combustible, meaning they have much better fire resistance.

Metal tracks are also much less prone to warping, shrinking or splitting the way wood is, so they’re seen as a more long-lasting choice for multi-story or commercial buildings where fire-resistance, moisture-resistance and durability are all key factors to consider.

What are U tracks and C studs used for?

Creating a metal stud wall or a metal stud partition requires a series of metal framing components including U tracks and C studs. U tracks or U channels are metal track channels that are used horizontally, with a continuous opening along the top. U tracks frame the top and bottom plates of walls and provide a channel to hold and support vertical C studs.

C studs have a C-shaped cross section and are used vertically to create the framework for walls, placed at regular intervals along the wall. They’re available in many sizes making it easier to construct walls and partitions of different heights and thicknesses. We have a range of steel studs available to be used to construct walls and room dividers, including popular sizes of 50mm metal stud and 70mm metal stud.

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