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Roof Insulation

7 Items

  1. SuperFOIL Superior Foil Tape 100mm x 20m
    £7.99Ex VAT£4.00 per m²£9.59 Inc VAT
  2. SuperFOIL SF19+ Multifoil Insulation 10m x 1.2m
    £94.99Ex VAT£7.92 per m²£113.99 Inc VAT
  3. IKO Enertherm PIR Insulation Board 2400 x 1200mm
    From£21.99Ex VATFrom£26.39 Inc VAT
  4. Alumaflex Multifoil Insulation Covers 10m²
    £95.45Ex VAT£114.54 Inc VAT
  5. Alumaflex Self Adhesive Foil Faced Tape 75mm x 45m
    £8.29Ex VAT£0.18 per m£9.95 Inc VAT
  6. Triso Super 10+ Multifoil Insulation Covers 10m²
    £136.69Ex VAT£164.03 Inc VAT
  7. Tri-Iso Aluminium Lap Tape 100mm x 25m
    £10.05Ex VAT£0.40 per m£12.06 Inc VAT

More information about Roof Insulation

It’s a well-known fact that heat rises, so using quality roof insulation will help keep the heat in and your customer’s energy bills down. Whether you need moisture-resistant flat roof insulation, easy-to-install ceiling insulation or high-thermal performance pitched roof insulation, you will find the ideal solution here.

Alumaflex roof insulation is easy to use and saves space, perfect for lofts and timber frame construction. For excellent lightweight roof insulation between the rafters, the IKO Enertherm PIR foam insulation boards work for both pitched and flat roof insulation. If you are looking for high-thermal performance for new and refurbished flat roof applications, the Thermal Ply insulation comes in different thicknesses to suit any project.

Each type of roof needs a different treatment. Our wide choice of insulation materials will give you the roof insulation supplies you need to stave off high winter bills whether you are working on a pitched roof insulation, a flat roof insulation or ceiling insulation.

Also check our loft insulation materials if you are looking for thermal insulation solutions.

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