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Rakes & Weeding

Rakes & Weeding

15 Items

  1. Gardening Rake
    £13.59Ex VAT£16.31 Inc VAT
  2. Orange Garden Line 30m
    £2.29Ex VAT£2.75 Inc VAT
  3. Roughneck Sharp Edge Soil Rake
    £20.49Ex VAT£24.59 Inc VAT
  4. Spear & Jackson Neverbend Carbon Soil Rake
    £20.29Ex VAT£24.35 Inc VAT
  5. Spear & Jackson Tubular Steel Asphalt Rake 15"
    £33.45Ex VAT£40.14 Inc VAT
  6. Pressure Sprayer 8ltr
    £17.89Ex VAT£21.47 Inc VAT
  7. Lawn Rake

      Lawn Rake


      £10.15Ex VAT£12.18 Inc VAT
    • Spear & Jackson Neverbend Hand Trowel Carbon Steel
      £6.25Ex VAT£7.50 Inc VAT
    • Roughneck Sharp Edge Lawn Edging Iron
      £20.49Ex VAT£24.59 Inc VAT
    • Roughneck Sharp Edge Dutch Hoe
      £20.49Ex VAT£24.59 Inc VAT
    • Spear & Jackson Neverbend Dutch Hoe Carbon Steel
      £19.69Ex VAT£23.63 Inc VAT
    • Chapin Pro Series Chemical Sprayer 7.6ltr
      £54.49Ex VAT£65.39 Inc VAT
    • Spear & Jackson Neverbend Hand Fork Carbon Steel
      £6.25Ex VAT£7.50 Inc VAT
    • Spear & Jackson Neverbend Edging Knife
      £19.55Ex VAT£23.46 Inc VAT

    More information about Rakes & Weeding

    If you’re doing odd jobs in the garden for a customer such as tackling an overgrown lawn or removing unwanted weeds, you’ll want a good selection of high-quality garden rakes, edging tools for lawns, weeding tools and other weeding equipment.

    What types of rakes do we have available?

    Garden rakes are a handy, versatile tool used in many landscaping applications to break up soil and clear leaves, weeds and debris around the garden. There are many different types of rakes with different designs depending on the job at hand.

    Garden soil rakes are used to break up compacted soil, spread the material around, and level the soil to make sure it’s even. The Roughneck Sharp Edge Soil Rake is a soil levelling rake with a head that has 14 recessed tines on one side, and a serrated blade on the other.

    A garden rake, leaf rake or lawn rake usually has a fan shaped design, and is perfect for collecting leaves, grass, hay and other debris and garden cuttings into piles and making them easier to dispose of. Our Silverline Lawn Rake has a durable steel head and a 1200mm long handle with a comfortable grip for collecting leaves.

    Our range of lawn edging tools

    If you’re working on the finishing touches of a garden and looking for some tools for lawn edging, the Roughneck Sharp Edge Lawn Edging Tool is perfect for creating clean, defined edges along the borders of grass, flower beds and paving. It has a heavy-duty steel head with a serrated blade that is perfect for cutting through turf.

    Weed killer sprayers and other weeding tools

    Weeding the garden can be a big task at times, but with the right equipment you can do it quickly and easily and keep the outdoor greenery looking healthy and lush. Various gardening tools can be used for weeding, including garden forks, trowels and Dutch hoes.

    The Roughneck Sharp Edge Dutch Hoe features a sharpened front blade and serrated side blades to break up soil and cut through roots and weeds.

    If you’re working with chemical weed killers, we’ve got a couple of pressure sprayers in stock that are ideal for spreading plant fertiliser, feed and weed killer across larger areas in a short amount of time.

    Get your garden rakes and weeding tools at low trade prices

    You can have your garden rakes, lawn edge tools and weeding tools sent straight to your site with our free Click & Deliver service or save time and pick up at your local branch using our Click & Collect service.

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