Plumbing Tools

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  1. Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter
    From£14.89Ex VATFrom£17.87 Inc VAT
  2. Automatic Copper Pipe Cutter
    From£14.79Ex VATFrom£17.75 Inc VAT
  3. Socket Forming Tool
    From£16.39Ex VATFrom£19.67 Inc VAT
  4. Pipe Cutter
    From£27.19Ex VATFrom£32.63 Inc VAT
  5. Camstopper Drain Plug
    From£13.29Ex VATFrom£15.95 Inc VAT
  6. Waterpump Pliers
    From£7.09Ex VATFrom£8.51 Inc VAT
  7. Drain Test Plug
    From£8.09Ex VATFrom£9.71 Inc VAT
  8. Drain Tracing Dye
    From£9.99Ex VATFrom£11.99 Inc VAT
  9. Drain Test Kit
    £39.49Ex VAT£47.39 Inc VAT
  10. Plasticut Plastic Pipe Cutter 22mm
    £9.29Ex VAT£11.15 Inc VAT
  11. Immersion Box Wrench
    £6.65Ex VAT£7.98 Inc VAT
  12. Water Mains Key 42"
    • clearance

    Water Mains Key 42"


    £7.09Ex VAT£8.51 Inc VAT
  13. Waste Pipe Cleaner
    £4.99Ex VAT£5.99 Inc VAT
  14. Adjustable 2 Jaw Basin Wrench
    £40.85Ex VAT£49.02 Inc VAT
  15. 15mm Pipe Bender Guide
    • clearance

    15mm Pipe Bender Guide


    £3.09Ex VAT£3.71 Inc VAT

More information about Plumbing Tools

Replenish your plumber’s toolkit with our extensive range of plumbing tools. We stock everything you need for your plumbing jobs, including basic plumbing tools like pipe cutters, spanners and allen keys, to testing tools like drain test plugs and tracing dye.

All of our products are tried and tested by the trade, ensuring you only get the best plumbing tools and equipment from leading brands, at the best possible prices.

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