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Gloss & Undercoat

Gloss & Undercoat

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  1. Leyland Undercoat White
    From£10.69Ex VATFrom£12.83 Inc VAT
  2. Leyland Trade Acrylic Primer Undercoat White
    From£19.04Ex VATFrom£22.85 Inc VAT
  3. Leyland Trade High Gloss Brilliant White
    From£10.59Ex VATFrom£12.71 Inc VAT
  4. Dulux Trade Satinwood Brilliant White
    From£34.29Ex VATFrom£41.15 Inc VAT
  5. Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood Brilliant White 2.5ltr
    £42.43Ex VAT£3.54 per m²£50.92 Inc VAT
  6. Dulux Trade High Gloss Brilliant White
    From£23.80Ex VATFrom£28.56 Inc VAT
  7. Leyland Trade Satinwood Brilliant White 2.5ltr
    £25.43Ex VAT£1.27 per m²£30.52 Inc VAT
  8. Dulux Trade Undercoat Brilliant White
    From£22.05Ex VATFrom£26.46 Inc VAT
  9. Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin Black
    From£19.95Ex VATFrom£23.94 Inc VAT
  10. Johnstones Aqua Water Based Satin Brilliant White
    From£18.05Ex VATFrom£21.66 Inc VAT
  11. Dulux Trade Quick Drying Wood Primer Undercoat White
    From£37.85Ex VATFrom£45.42 Inc VAT
  12. Leyland Trade High Gloss Black
    From£15.55Ex VATFrom£18.66 Inc VAT
  13. Leyland Trade Satinwood Brilliant White
    From£14.75Ex VATFrom£17.70 Inc VAT
  14. Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin White
    From£19.95Ex VATFrom£23.94 Inc VAT
  15. Dulux Trade Quick Dry Undercoat White 2.5ltr
    £30.54Ex VAT£3.05 per m²£36.65 Inc VAT

More information about Gloss & Undercoat

To ensure your job looks perfect from start to finish, we've got a huge selection of gloss paint and undercoat.

Many tradespeople say it's all in the prep work, so make sure you don't cut back on your primer paint. At Selco, we stock an extensive selection of undercoat paint, ranging from water based and quick dry undercoat to exterior undercoat and acrylic primer paint.

Our collection of gloss paint is available in a wide range of colours, ensuring you get the perfect shade to match your emulsion paint. Our team can also help with mixing paint colours, if there's not a colour to suit your requirements.

Find all the painting & decorating supplies you need, or shop our selection of primers & specialist paints.

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