Welcome to our Landscape Project Site. Here you’ll find all the resources you need for your next landscaping refurbishment or landscaping maintenance job. The Landscape Project Site gives you product recommendations, trade tips and step-by-step guides for everything from driveway installation and decking installation to fitting external electrics. So whether you’re just getting started and looking for clarity when it comes to landscaping planning and permission, or you’re adding the finishing touches to your landscaping redesign, we offer all the essential landscaping supplies and helpful advice that’s tailored for expert tradespeople.


Decking Installation


  • What are the steps for fence installation?

    We give you a step-by-step guide to installing fencing for your landscape project, here’s a quick overview:

    • Measure up and mark out
    • Make holes for your fence posts
    • Protect the posts
    • Put down the gravel board
    • Attach panels and posts
    • Check your levels
    • Concrete fence posts into place
  • What are the main concerns when thinking about planning for a landscaping job?

    When planning your next landscaping job, you’ll want to take into consideration the following:

    • Location
    • Listed buildings
    • Outbuildings
    • Fences, walls and hedges
    • Trees
    • Protected habitats and species
    • Driveways

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  • Do I need to have RCD protection for external lighting?

    RCD ensures that the power in your client’s garden switches off automatically in case of a fault. For many devices and circuit types, RCD is mandatory.

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  • What are the main steps to install decking?

    If you’re installing ground-level decking, below are the main steps that’ll stand you in good stead when carrying out the job.

    • Consider placement by marking out bearer positions
    • Swap out the top layer of soil for gravel
    • Mark, cut and connect outer frame
    • Measure, cut and install bearers to frame
    • Drill the fixing points in your deck boards
    • Screw the boards to the bearers
    • Trim the edges of the deck boards

    When installing raised decking, you will follow similar steps to the above, yet you will have the additional task of building a joist sub-frame.

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  • What are the essentials for installing artificial grass?

    When putting down artificial grass there are a few essential steps to consider. From preparing the area and laying down your edging, to rolling out the grass and fixing it in place, remind yourself of each step in our handy guide.

  • What maintenance should be carried out when I finish a landscaping job?

    When it comes to maintaining your client’s new garden, there may be a few areas that will need some upkeep. Get a rundown on how to maintain the below with our finishing touches and maintenance section:

    • Artificial grass
    • Wood decking
    • Fencing
    • Patios and paving slabs
    • Turf and soil
  • What things do I need to consider when finishing a landscaping job?

    There are three key discussion points to have with your client when finishing off your landscaping project: accessories, garden furniture and lawn stripes. If your client hasn’t considered these yet, you can get a round-up of each talking point by looking at our finishing touches section.

  • What are the first steps of laying a patio?

    There are 5 main stages to laying a patio. For more information, follow our step-by-step guide.

    1. Plan, measure and mark
    2. Start digging
    3. Apply the sub-base
    4. Lay the paving slabs
    5. Apply mortar or sand

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  • How thick should the mortar be before laying the paving slabs?

    When making up your mortar mix, it should be approx. 25mm thick. You can add a PVA, SBR or equivalent bonding agent to the mortar to assist bonding, particularly with natural stones. To find out what should make up a mortar mix for paving slabs, read more on our paving and edging section.