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Cure It GRP Roofing System

Cure It GRP Roof Waterproofing System

Cure It is a revolutionary GRP waterproofing system by the UK’s leading GRP flat roofing materials manufacturer.

A Cure It roof is made with specially formulated roofing resin and topcoat, and is supplied with a 20 year materials guarantee.

Features & Benefits

Cure It Long Lasting

A hard wearing, structural waterproofing system that:

  • Can’t be cut with a knife
  • Won’t deteriorate under UV light or extreme heat
  • Tolerates foot traffic

Cure It Flat Roof

The Cure It system comes complete with:

  • A 20 year guarantee on manufacturer materials
  • Installer guarantee flat roof will be leak free for 20 years+

Cure It Super Flexibility

Resins and topcoats designed for applications to promote:

  • Enhanced bonding characteristics
  • Vastly superior roofinh lexibility

Cure It Seasonal Variations

4-Season variational temperature system:

  • Adapted for variation in temperature to allow year round installation, including at temperatures down to 0°C.

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Product Overview

Designed for roofing applications, the Cure It roofing system is a complete range of GRP materials. Consisting of Reinforcement Mat saturated with Roofing Resin, the system is a wet-laid laminate applied over a securely fitted OSB3 18mm T&G deck.

The roof perimeter and any changes in pitch are resolved with a range of GRP Edge Trims, and the roof is finished with a hardwearing Roofing Topcoat.

Cure It GRP roof diagram Cure It GRP Roof Waterproofing System demonstration
  1. OSB3 18mm Tongue & Groove Decking Boards
  2. A200 (Fascia Trim) - Gutter/Drip Edge/Fascia For Use With C1 Corner
  3. B260 (Raised Edge Trim) - Used To Form Upstands For Use With C1 Corner
  4. D260 (Fillet Trim) - Used Against Abutting Walls With C100
  5. C100 (Flashing Trim) - Simulated Lead Flashing Alongside D260
  6. C1 (Universal Corner) - For Use With A200 & B260 Profiles To Form Corner
  1. AT195 INT (External Angle Trim) - For Inner Angles On Steps, Gutter Floors Etc
  2. F300 (Flat Flashing) - Flat Section For Use As Continous Flashing Under Slates
  3. C3 INT/EXT (Fillet Corner) - For Use With D260 Profile To Form Internal Or External Corner
  4. GRP Lamintate - Consisting Of Cure It Roofing Resin & Hardener, Cure It Reinforced Mat
  5. Cure It Top Coat

Introducing Cure It Evo and RoofCell

Cure It has also released two new GRP roofing systems: Cure It Evo and RoofCell.

RoofCell is a revolutionary direct-lay GRP roofing system that is suited for new projects as well as refurbishments, whilst Cure It Evo is specially formulated to be applied directly onto foil-backed insulation boards, removing the need for an OSB timber deck.

Click on the banners below to find out more about each of the two new lines.

RoofCell by Cure It
Cure It Evo

How To Install Cure It

Training is recommended before using the Cure It system.

Training is recommended before using the Cure It system, and is available from dedicated Cure It training facilities in Wigan and Croydon, and through their distributor network throughout the UK. The course provides the basic training needed to start using the Cure It system, and features:

  • Theory and practical sessions, including hands-on training under the supervision of the UK’s leading experts on GRP roofing
  • Small group sessions for individual feedback
  • Handling, storage and health & safety information
  • Guidance for specific projects

To book an appointment please call 03301 222666 or email [email protected].

Video Guide

Smartphone Apps - Version 2.0 has arrived!

The Cure It multi-tool app has all the resources you need to install a Cure It GRP roof. The app comes with:
GRP Cure It mobile app
  • A full illustrative installation guide
  • A fall helper to work out the fall of your roof with built-in ‘Quick Check’ to highlight when the correct angle is achieved
  • A ‘My Account’ section and built-in calculator
  • A ‘Ready Reckoner’ to in an instant work out the materials you require by simply inputting the dimensions of your roof

New Features Include:

  • Video tutorials
  • Improvements to the Fall Helper Tool
  • New features to the Ready Reckoner tool
  • Improved navigation and swipe carousels

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