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Electric Underfloor Heating


  • Do I need a professional for electrical fittings?

    Yes. This is a requirement even for seemingly minor tasks.

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  • What are the final touches for bathroom installation?

    Final touches will vary with different bathroom designs, but might include things like sealing a toilet, installing a towel rail, a toilet paper holder or a soap holder for the shower.

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  • How do I install underfloor heating?

    As you know, different styles of underfloor heating may have slightly different installation processes. However, the rough order will always be the same: start by cleaning the area thoroughly, then lay down the insulation boards and the underfloor heating itself, before moving on to laying the bathroom tiles.

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  • What are the benefits of a timer fan?

    Timer fans are more efficient than basic or humidistat fans. This is because they come on every time the bathroom light is switched on, and stay working for a set amount of time after the light has been switched off.

  • How do I fit an extractor fan?

    First, calculate what size of extractor fan is needed for the bathroom, and where best to place it. Then you’ll want to follow these key steps to install the extractor fan:

    • Position the fan
    • Install the duct pipe
    • Finish the wiring

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  • How do I install underfloor heating?

    Start by fitting a switched fuse spur and laying the wires for the thermostat, as well as placing the heating wire and temperature sensor.

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  • How do you rewire bathroom lights?

    Some clients may only ask for a single light in the wall or ceiling. Yet many modern bathrooms involve recessed spotlights. Carefully measure and cut holes for the lights in the ceiling, and lay the necessary cables. Make sure the area is not obstructed.

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  • What heating is needed for the bathroom?

    Your client has a range of heating options – from radiators, to towel rails or underfloor heating. All of which you can find full installation tips on our site.

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  • What are the main tools needed for bathroom installation?

    No doubt you will already be kitted out with the right tools, including a spirit-level, adjustable wrenches and open spanners.

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  • How do I install a bath tub?

    There are 6 key steps to follow when installing a bath.

    • Assemble the bathtub’s legs
    • Add in the other separate parts
    • Position the bathtub
    • Connect up the plumbing
    • Secure the bath to the floor
    • Attach the panels

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