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HSS Metal Bits

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  1. HSS-G Drill Bit 7mm
    £3.15Ex VAT£3.78 Inc VAT
  2. HSS-G Drill Bit 1.5mm (Pk 2)
    £2.25Ex VAT£2.70 Inc VAT
  3. HSS-R Drill Bit 8.5mm
    £2.55Ex VAT£3.06 Inc VAT
  4. HSS-R Drill Bit 12mm
    £4.79Ex VAT£5.75 Inc VAT
  5. HSS-R Drill Bit 2.5mm
    £1.65Ex VAT£1.98 Inc VAT
  6. HSS-G Drill Bit 4mm (Pk 2)
    £3.29Ex VAT£3.95 Inc VAT
  7. HSS-R Drill Bit 5mm
    £1.49Ex VAT£1.79 Inc VAT
  8. HSS-G Drill Bit 6.5mm
    £2.59Ex VAT£3.11 Inc VAT
  9. HSS-G Drill Bit 8mm
    £4.59Ex VAT£5.51 Inc VAT
  10. HSS-R Drill Bit 10mm
    £3.75Ex VAT£4.50 Inc VAT
  11. HSS-R 13 Piece Drill Bit Set (1.5mm - 6.5mm)
    £13.35Ex VAT£16.02 Inc VAT
  12. HSS-R Drill Bit 2mm
    £1.25Ex VAT£1.50 Inc VAT
  13. HSS-G Drill Bit 3.5mm (Pk 2)
    £2.95Ex VAT£3.54 Inc VAT
  14. HSS-R Drill Bit 4.5mm
    £1.39Ex VAT£1.67 Inc VAT
  15. HSS-G Drill Bit 6mm
    £2.49Ex VAT£2.99 Inc VAT

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