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Brooms & Mops

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  1. Patio Brush With Metal Scraper
    £6.49Ex VAT£7.79 Inc VAT
  2. Stiff Bassine Churn Brush
    £4.29Ex VAT£5.15 Inc VAT
  3. Bulldozer 15" Heavy Duty Dual Bristle Broom
    £14.99Ex VAT£17.99 Inc VAT
  4. Bulldozer Cotton Mop
    £7.99Ex VAT£9.59 Inc VAT
  5. Bulldozer 11" Deck Scrubber With Scraper
    £14.79Ex VAT£17.75 Inc VAT
  6. Bulldozer Heavy Duty Dust Pan & Brush Set
    £8.49Ex VAT£10.19 Inc VAT
  7. Patio & Decking Brush Set 3 Piece
    £12.49Ex VAT£14.99 Inc VAT
  8. Window Cleaner 14"
    £4.39Ex VAT£5.27 Inc VAT
  9. Dust Pan And Brush
    £3.95Ex VAT£4.74 Inc VAT
  10. Hand Brush With PVC Bristles
    £2.75Ex VAT£3.30 Inc VAT
  11. Stiff Bassine Hand Brush
    £3.09Ex VAT£3.71 Inc VAT
  12. Soft Coco Hand Brush
    £2.79Ex VAT£3.35 Inc VAT
  13. Stiff Bassine Scrubbing Brush
    £2.55Ex VAT£3.06 Inc VAT
  14. Soft Coco Broom With Handle 300mm (12")
    £6.55Ex VAT£7.86 Inc VAT
  15. Soft Coco Broom With Handle 450mm (18")
    £9.65Ex VAT£11.58 Inc VAT

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