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  1. Simpsons Timber Joist Hanger Galvanised 91 x 270mm
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More information about Joist Hangers

What are joist hangers? Joist hangers are used to keep a structure strong and safe over time. As the name suggests, they are used to hold timber joists in place. This is because as time passes, wood and other materials begin to become dry and tend to change shape.

Simpsons U joist hangers and masonry joist hangers are available in a variety of sizes, along with timber joist hangers, and light speed prong joist hangers. We also have truss hangers available should you need them for your building job. See our list of joist hanger sizes below:

  • U Joist Hangers - 50 x 165 x 85mm, 50 x 225 x 85mm, 76 x 153 x 85mm, 76 x 213 x 85mm
  • Masonry Joist Hangers - 75 x 175mm, 47 x 100mm, 47 x 125mm, 47 x 150mm, 47 x 175mm, 47 x 200mm, 47 x 225mm
  • Timber Joist Hangers - 38 x 270mm, 75 x 450mm, 150 x 450mm, 75 x 270mm, 47 x 270mm, 47 x 450mm, 91 x 270mm, 91 x 450mm

You'll also find truss hangers, and prong joist hangers 38 x 96mm and 47 x 92mm.

Looking for timber joist hangers? Selco provides a vast selection of joist hangers to meet the needs of all your construction projects. Find your nearest Selco branch with our branch locator.

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