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  1.  Multi-Purpose Board White 225mm x 5m
    £26.19Ex VAT£5.24 per m£31.43 Inc VAT
  2. Multi-Purpose Board Black 200mm x 5m
    £27.49Ex VAT£5.50 per m£32.99 Inc VAT
  3. Multi-Purpose Board White 200mm x 5m
    £23.19Ex VAT£4.64 per m£27.83 Inc VAT
  4. Multi-Purpose Board White 175mm x 5m
    £21.89Ex VAT£4.38 per m£26.27 Inc VAT
  5.  Multi-Purpose Board Black 150mm x 5m
    £21.89Ex VAT£4.38 per m£26.27 Inc VAT
  6.  Multi-Purpose Board White 150m x 5m
    £18.35Ex VAT£3.67 per m£22.02 Inc VAT
  7. Hockey Window Board White 250mm x 5m
    £29.69Ex VAT£5.94 per m£35.63 Inc VAT
  8. Hockey Window Board White 225m x 5m
    £25.89Ex VAT£5.18 per m£31.07 Inc VAT
  9.  Hockey Window Board White 200mm x 5m
    £22.95Ex VAT£4.59 per m£27.54 Inc VAT
  10. Hockey Window Board White 175mm x 5m
    £19.19Ex VAT£3.84 per m£23.03 Inc VAT
  11. 150mm Hockey Window Board White 150mm x 5m
    £18.05Ex VAT£3.61 per m£21.66 Inc VAT
  12. Vented Soffit Board White 300mm x 5m
    £44.09Ex VAT£8.82 per m£52.91 Inc VAT
  13. 250mm Vented Soffit Board White 250mm x 5m
    £32.15Ex VAT£6.43 per m£38.58 Inc VAT
  14.  Hollow Soffit Board White 100m x 5m
    £6.75Ex VAT£1.35 per m£8.10 Inc VAT
  15.  Hollow Soffit Board Black 300mm x 5m
    £19.39Ex VAT£3.88 per m£23.27 Inc VAT
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More information about Fascia

If you're looking for something to support your guttering projects, look no further than our extensive range of fascia boards.

Our range of fascia boards includes several different types and sizes to ensure there is something to suit every requirement. Our fascia boards are hardwearing and virtually maintenance free since they never crack, warp or peel. They are also easy to cut and install, enabling you to complete the job quicker and more efficiently.

We stock multi-purpose fascia board in both white and black, with a huge range of sizes available. In addition, we also stock hockey window boards and ogee style fascia boards, as well as a selection of soffit board. Most of our PVC fascia and cladding is internally ribbed to provide additional strength and support.

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