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  1. Single Leg White Universal Fascia Board
    From£18.65Ex VATFrom£22.38 Inc VAT
  2. Hollow Soffit Board White 300mm x 5m
    £15.05Ex VAT£3.01 per m£18.06 Inc VAT
  3. Single Leg Black Universal Fascia Board
    From£28.85Ex VATFrom£34.62 Inc VAT
  4. Black Multi-Purpose Board
    From£29.79Ex VATFrom£35.75 Inc VAT
  5. White Vented Soffit Board
    From£43.75Ex VATFrom£52.50 Inc VAT
  6. Hollow Soffit Board Black 300mm x 5m
    £26.39Ex VAT£5.28 per m£31.67 Inc VAT
  7. Single Leg White Mammoth Fascia Board
    From£28.65Ex VATFrom£34.38 Inc VAT
  8. Hollow Soffit Board White 100m x 5m
    £9.19Ex VAT£1.84 per m£11.03 Inc VAT
  9. Multi-Purpose uPVC Board Anthracite Grey
    From£29.79Ex VATFrom£35.75 Inc VAT
  10. Hollow uPVC Soffit Board Anthracite Grey 300mm
    £26.39Ex VAT£31.67 Inc VAT

More information about Fascia

What are Fascia boards? A Fascia board is the long board that runs along the edge of a roof and is essential to any guttering work you may be doing. This is because it helps to keep the guttering stable; this is difficult through torrential rain.

At Selco we have a wide range of fascia boards available to suit whatever work you’re doing. In our range you can choose between a number of different designs such as hockey window boards and vented soffit boards. Whether you’re looking for a single leg or hockey window board, we have it all.

We also offer a range of different colours from black to white, meaning you can always find a plastic fascia to fit in with the building project you’re working on.

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