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Cast Iron Effect Guttering

Cast Iron Effect Guttering

15 Items

  1. Foundry Finish Downpipe 68mm x 2.75m
    £31.95Ex VAT£11.62 per m£38.34 Inc VAT
  2. Foundry Finish Half Round Gutter 112mm x 4m
    £41.69Ex VAT£10.42 per m£50.03 Inc VAT
  3. 68mm 112.5° Bend Foundry Finish
    £18.25Ex VAT£21.90 Inc VAT
  4. 68mm Eared Pipe Connector Foundry Finish
    £13.25Ex VAT£15.90 Inc VAT
  5. 68mm Eared Pipe Bracket Foundry Finish
    £6.45Ex VAT£7.74 Inc VAT
  6. 68mm Curved Hopper Head Foundry Finish
    £40.65Ex VAT£48.78 Inc VAT
  7. Foundry Finish Half Round Support Bracket 112mm
    £2.59Ex VAT£3.11 Inc VAT
  8. Foundry Finish Half Round Joint Bracket 112mm
    £11.25Ex VAT£13.50 Inc VAT
  9. 112mm Running Outlet Foundry Finish
    £15.39Ex VAT£18.47 Inc VAT
  10. 68mm Eared Shoe Foundry Finish
    £22.35Ex VAT£26.82 Inc VAT
  11. 68mm 92.5° Bend Foundry Finish
    £22.05Ex VAT£26.46 Inc VAT
  12. 68mm 112.5° Branch Foundry Finish
    £25.45Ex VAT£30.54 Inc VAT
  13. 112mm Stopend Foundry Finish
    £8.39Ex VAT£10.07 Inc VAT
  14. Foundry Finish Half Round 135° Angle 112mm
    £15.39Ex VAT£18.47 Inc VAT
  15. Foundry Finish Half Round 90° Angle 112mm
    £15.15Ex VAT£18.18 Inc VAT

More information about Cast Iron Effect Guttering

Guttering is no longer just a formality, people want their guttering to look as good as the rest of their house. That's why we stock a selection of cast iron effect guttering, giving your customers more choice in how they want their finished job to look.

Our cast iron effect guttering gives you the beautiful aesthetic of traditional guttering, whilst providing you with the cost efficiencies and practical functions of plastic guttering. Our range includes everything from half round gutters and angles to running outlets and pipe connectors, ensuring you can build your guttering structure effectively.

The Hunter range of cast iron effect guttering is ideal for a quick installation, benefitting from integral pivoted clips to allow for fast clip lock assembly.

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