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Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

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  1. One Shot Drain Cleaner 1ltr
    • clearance

    One Shot Drain Cleaner 1ltr


    £8.29Ex VAT£9.95 Inc VAT
  2. Blue Roll Paper Towel 150m
    £3.99Ex VAT£0.03 per m£4.79 Inc VAT
  3. Ultragrime Pro Multi-Use Cloth Wipes XXL Pack of 100
    £9.15Ex VAT£10.98 Inc VAT
  4. Ultragrime Pro Power Scrub Cloth Wipes XXL Pack of 80
    £10.49Ex VAT£12.59 Inc VAT
  5. Knockout Spirits of Salt 500ml
    £2.29Ex VAT£2.75 Inc VAT
  6. General Purpose Giant Sponge
    £1.99Ex VAT£2.39 Inc VAT
  7. Bond It uPVC Solvent Cleaner 1ltr
    £7.85Ex VAT£9.42 Inc VAT
  8. Knockout Sinks, Showers & Baths Cleaner 500ml
    £2.85Ex VAT£3.42 Inc VAT
  9. Knockout Caustic Soda 500g
    £9.89Ex VAT£11.87 Inc VAT
  10. Big Wipes Power Spray 1ltr
    £9.09Ex VAT£10.91 Inc VAT
  11. Stockinette Roll 800g
    £11.49Ex VAT£13.79 Inc VAT
  12. Bond It Glass Cleaner 1ltr
    £3.29Ex VAT£3.95 Inc VAT
  13. Zinsser Mould Killer & Remover 500ml
    £6.69Ex VAT£8.03 Inc VAT
  14. Knockout Toilet & Drain Cleaner 1ltr
    £5.65Ex VAT£6.78 Inc VAT

More information about Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to the end of a painting & decorating job, it's important to ensure your workspace, tools and hands are clean. That's where our extensive range of cleaning solutions comes in.

At Selco, we stock a variety of cleaning solutions suitable for a range of uses. Whether you're looking for bleach to clean up big spills, disinfectant to ensure your area is germ free or hand sanitiser to keep your hands clean, we've got it all.

Our disinfectant wipes are a popular choice for all trades, with multi-purpose, heavy duty and hand cleaning wipes all available.

We also sell a wide range of disinfectant spray, including specialist sprays designed to remove paint from hands, sanitise a surface or degrease.

To minimise cleaning, shop paint protection.

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