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  1. Micro Shovels
    From£12.89Ex VATFrom£15.47 Inc VAT
  2. S&J Tubular Steel Draining Shovel 16" MYD
    £26.99Ex VAT£32.39 Inc VAT
  3. Drain Spade

      Drain Spade


      £15.69Ex VAT£18.83 Inc VAT
    • No 2 Shovel with PD Handle
      £13.55Ex VAT£16.26 Inc VAT
    • Open T-Handle Square Socket Shovel
      £20.89Ex VAT£25.07 Inc VAT
    • S&J Tubular Steel Square Mouth Shovel No2
      £22.99Ex VAT£27.59 Inc VAT
    • S&J Tubular Steel Taper Mouth Shovel No2
      £21.29Ex VAT£25.55 Inc VAT
    • S&J Solid Socket Taper Mouth Shovel No2
      £28.99Ex VAT£34.79 Inc VAT
    • Digging Spade

        Digging Spade


        £12.35Ex VAT£14.82 Inc VAT
      • S+J Select Digging Spade Stainless Steel
        £25.19Ex VAT£30.23 Inc VAT
      • S&J Neverbend Digging Spade
        £27.45Ex VAT£32.94 Inc VAT
      • S&J Neverbend Digging Fork
        £27.45Ex VAT£32.94 Inc VAT
      • S+J Select Digging Fork Stainless Steel
        £25.19Ex VAT£30.23 Inc VAT
      • S&J Tubular Steel Lightweight Fork MYD
        £32.99Ex VAT£39.59 Inc VAT
      • Hickory Pick Axe Handle 915mm (36")
        £29.99Ex VAT£35.99 Inc VAT

      More information about Digging

      At Selco, we stock an extensive selection of digging equipment for your landscaping jobs, with everything from micro shovels and socket shovels, to drain spades and digging forks.

      If it's shovels you're looking for, we stock several different types and sizes to ensure there is something to suit your requirement. Our durable steel shovels are perfect for heavy duty jobs, with many also offering reduced soil adhesion and rust resistance.

      Our range of digging equipment includes a variety of digging forks, including neverbend digging forks, providing you with a durable bit of kit that can be used on the toughest of digging jobs.

      We also stock axe and pick handles, as well as pick heads and matlock heads. Our products come from the best brands in the industry, including shovels and spades from both Roughneck and Spear & Jackson.

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