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What is fencing? Fencing is the material that is used to construct a fence. Once constructed a fence gives an area a set boundary and encloses anything inside it. It’s often used in both front and back gardens to show where one person’s land ends and another starts.

Our fencing materials are perfect for those looking to create a stunning outdoor area in their back garden. We also have fencing supplies that can be used to support any fence you plan to build.

Our fence panels are ideal for adding security to any home. We also stock fence post holders to strengthen any project you may be about to embark on. We even stock gravel boards to help form a protective barrier between the ground and fence.

Also available in our fencing supplies range are Metposts. These metal fencing posts make erecting any fence a quick and simple job. All a tradesman has to do is push the fence ending they want to fit into the Metpost and then push the Metpost itself into the ground, the perfect fencing timesaver!

For those of you looking to add a stylish finish to your fencing project take a look at our post caps. We have a whole host of different designs and sizes to suit any fencing project you may be about to embark on.

Finally, wire fencing. is also available for anyone that’s looking for an alternative to the traditional wooden fence. Wire fencing is an ideal material to use if you are looking to enclose an area. We also have barbed wire and a whole host of other fencing supplies available for anyone looking to add that extra bit of security to their garden.

Order through our Click & Collect Service to pick up all the fencing supplies you need in store simply and quickly. Check out our products page to view the full range of products we sell.