Cavity Insulation

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Find out more about Cavity Insulation

Uninsulated homes can lose around a third of heat through walls, and during the coldest months of the year, heat will escape even faster. In houses built before the 1990s, it’s likely the walls were not insulated, resulting in significant heat loss and much higher energy bills that could be reduced with cavity insulation.

As you probably already know, it’s generally easy to tell what type of walls a house has based on the pattern of the brickwork – regular for cavity walls and alternating for solid walls. You can also perform a boroscope inspection to find out for certain. 

Houses with cavity walls can benefit massively from being insulated with cavity insulations products like Rockwool Cavity, which is especially suitable for masonry cavity wall construction.

Earthwool cavity insulation is ideal for wall tie spacing and ensures a closed joint with adjacent slabs that eliminate gaps.

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