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Hole Saws

Hole Saws

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  1. Bosch Electricians Holesaw Set 9pc
    £41.09Ex VAT£49.31 Inc VAT
  2. Bosch Plumbers Holesaw Set 9pc
    £41.09Ex VAT£49.31 Inc VAT
  3. Progressor Holesaw 57mm Bosch
    £18.65Ex VAT£22.38 Inc VAT
  4. Progressor Holesaw 60mm Bosch
    £19.49Ex VAT£23.39 Inc VAT
  5. Progressor Holesaw 64mm Bosch
    £19.59Ex VAT£23.51 Inc VAT
  6. Progressor Holesaw 40mm Bosch
    £14.49Ex VAT£17.39 Inc VAT
  7. Progressor Holesaw 25mm Bosch
    £11.89Ex VAT£14.27 Inc VAT
  8. Progressor Holesaw 127mm Bosch
    £54.29Ex VAT£65.15 Inc VAT
  9. Bosch Progressor Holesaw 92MM
    £23.79Ex VAT£28.55 Inc VAT
  10. Progressor Holesaw 83mm Bosch
    £21.89Ex VAT£26.27 Inc VAT
  11. Progressor Holesaw 20mm Bosch
    £11.49Ex VAT£13.79 Inc VAT
  12. Progressor Holesaw 38mm Bosch
    £13.35Ex VAT£16.02 Inc VAT
  13. Progressor Holesaw 79mm Bosch
    £21.95Ex VAT£26.34 Inc VAT
  14. Progressor Holesaw 19mm Bosch
    £11.09Ex VAT£13.31 Inc VAT

More information about Hole Saws

At Selco, our wide range of hole saws are from leading brands including Bosch, Silverline and Rolson.

We stock several sizes of hole saws, as well as adaptors to enable you to quickly and easily change between different progressor hole saws. Additionally, we stock hole saw sets specifically designed for plumbers and electricians.

Use our Branch Finder to find your local Selco Builders Warehouse or contact our team directly to find out more about our wide range of high-quality power tools, hand tools and accessories, trusted by trade professionals across the country.

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