Door Bolts

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  1. Tower Bolt Bright Zinc Plated 76mm
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More information about Bolts

What is a door bolt? A door bolt is a large metal pin that can be slid across the back of a door in order to stop people from opening the door from the other side. They come in a variety of different finishes including chrome, stainless steel and more.

Here at Selco we've got a massive range of door bolts in a huge variety of measurements, styles and types, brass bolts to satin bolts to chrome.

You can also find level action flush bolts, recessed into the door for extra strength, generally used at the top and bottom of french doors and double doors. The bolts you need depend upon security needs.

In our range you can find light use bolts like straight barrel bolts that can be rebated to a door frame, and you'll find bolts for medium duty such as a bathroom indicator bolt with a colour coded engagement label, and heavy duty straight tower bolts for doors and gates. Bolts for garage doors are also available with drop bolt handles or monkey tail handles for ease of use.

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