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  1. GF 609 Geotextile
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More information about Landscaping Fabrics

Landscaping fabric and plastic help to prevent weeds, holding soil in place to stop them from sprouting. Each material has advantages and strengths, with landscaping fabric primarily for preventing sunlight from reaching weed seeds and landscaping plastic preventing all water, air and light from penetrating.

Landscaping fabric and plastic keep any garden neat and tidy by controlling the growth and spread of weeds, preventing erosion, and controlling grass growth.You can also use landscape fabric for drainage and for retaining walls, under gravel and for driveways.

If you’re looking for landscaping fabric with pores wide enough to still allow turf to grow, choose Plantex Professional Weed Control Fabric. Extremely strong and available in ideal lengths, this product lets both air and water through to allow for growth above it.

For additional permeability and strength, the GF 609 Geotextile made from woven polypropylene is also a great solution for separating, filtering, reinforcing, protecting and draining. Not only for landscaping applications, can Geotextile also be used as protection lining for basements, decks, canals, roof gardens and retaining walls.