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Pest Control

Pest Control

7 Items

  1. Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus x 15 Blocks
    £6.55Ex VAT£7.86 Inc VAT
  2. Bird Spikes 500mm Pack 10
    £39.39Ex VAT£47.27 Inc VAT
  3. Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus x 15 Sachets
    £4.49Ex VAT£5.39 Inc VAT
  4. Deadfast Rat Killer Plus Blocks Bait Station
    £11.15Ex VAT£13.38 Inc VAT
  5. Deadfast Mouse Bait Station Box
    £3.99Ex VAT£4.79 Inc VAT
  6. Deadfast Mouse & Rat Bait Station Box
    £6.99Ex VAT£8.39 Inc VAT
  7. Deadfast All In One Mouse Control Kit
    £12.49Ex VAT£14.99 Inc VAT

More information about Pest Control

Our selection of mouse and rat bait and other pest control solutions

If your customer has a problem with rats or mice where they live or work, we’ve got a good range of rodent control solutions to choose from to deal with the issue quickly and efficiently. Rodenticide comes in various forms depending on your customer’s preference, budget and the environment. Whether you’re looking for a rat trap, rat bait box or other rat poison, we’re sure we’ve got something for every job here at Selco.

Rat and mouse poison sachets and blocks

Our range of strong rat poison contains toxic substances that effectively kill rats, mice, or both, depending on the type of product. Our Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Sachets contain a highly effective rodenticide that kills in a single dose and come in a ready-to-use soft paste form that is highly attractive to rodents compared to other forms of bait.

Mouse and rat killer bait can also come in block forms, which are much more resistant to high moisture conditions and higher temperatures so it can be placed outdoors around buildings as well as indoors. Our Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Blocks kill in a single dose and are designed as ridge cut blocks to encourage gnawing.

Mouse and rat bait boxes

Bait boxes, also known as mouse or rat bait stations, are ideal for use when more protection is wanted around the bait. They’re used to ensure the safety of pets, children and other non-target animals from accidentally coming into contact with the rat bait, while still allowing the rodents to enter the station and retrieve the bait.

We’ve got some rat bait stations that come supplied with bait blocks and are ready to use, including the Deadfast Rat Killer Blocks Bait Station and the Deadfast All-in-One Mouse Control Kit which include all the equipment needed to control infestations in and around the home.

Make sure to take the necessary safety precautions when dealing with any rat poison, avoiding contact with the bait and wearing disposable gloves.

Get your mouse and rat poison and deterrent at low trade prices

You can order your rat killer and other pest control straight to your job site through our free Click & Deliver service, or you can save time and order through Click & Collect. Find your local Selco branch using our branch finder.

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