Cleaning Solutions

15 Items

  1. Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes Pack 200
    £4.39Ex VAT£5.27 Inc VAT
  2. Alcohol Sanitiser Gel 250ml
    £3.65Ex VAT£4.38 Inc VAT
  3. Anti Viral Hand & Surface Wipes Pack 200
    £6.45Ex VAT£7.74 Inc VAT
  4. Green Paper Hand Towels
    £2.60Ex VAT£3.12 Inc VAT
  5. General Purpose Cleaner 5ltr
    £4.89Ex VAT£5.87 Inc VAT
  6. Pink Pearlised Liquid Hand Soap 5ltr
    £7.25Ex VAT£8.70 Inc VAT
  7. General Purpose Bleach 5ltr
    £2.15Ex VAT£2.58 Inc VAT
  8. Solvent Free Citrus Multi Purpose Degreaser 5ltr
    £8.85Ex VAT£10.62 Inc VAT
  9. Pine Fragranced Disinfectant 5ltr
    £2.29Ex VAT£2.75 Inc VAT
  10. Graffiti Surface Cleaner Spray 1ltr
    £7.55Ex VAT£9.06 Inc VAT
  11. 10% Hand Dishwashing Liquid 5ltr
    £4.39Ex VAT£5.27 Inc VAT
  12. Thick General Purpose Bleach 5ltr
    £6.59Ex VAT£7.91 Inc VAT
  13. Toilet Cleaner & De Scaler 1ltr
    £2.25Ex VAT£2.70 Inc VAT
  14. 15% Hand Dishwashing Liquid 5ltr
    £5.05Ex VAT£6.06 Inc VAT
  15. Concentrate Vehicle Cleaning Liquid 5ltr
    £8.05Ex VAT£9.66 Inc VAT

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