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Scrigno Pocket Doors

Scrigno counter frame pocket doors make creating space simple. Sliding smoothly and effortlessly, they allow for the freedom to create a wide, open space or trim down to a cosy room.

Bulky, traditional hinged doors are a thing of the past. Counter framed pocket doors are a contemporary addition to any home, offering a unique and refined aesthetic whilst being practical and functional, too.

Made to last, Scrigno sliding doors come with a 20 year guarantee against hanger breakages and track defects and a lifetime guarantee on the sheet metal of frames. They’re also extremely quick and easy to install!

Scrigno pocket door systems are a pre formed galvanised from which are ready to install.

  • Easy to install
  • Fitted in half the time of other brands
  • Suits door thickness 35-44mm thick, for imperial door sizes
  • Designed for stud and plasterboard
  • Gives a finished wall thickness of 125mm
  • Compatible sliding door hardware available in store
  • Available in single and double format for all standard imperial door sizes
  • Timber end post and trim included. Door and architrave sold seperately