Exterior Ironmongery

What is exterior ironmongery? Exterior ironmongery is any item manufactured using different types of metal or plastic that can be used on the outside of a home. This includes: gate latches, tower bolts, gate latches, hooks, springs, hinges and more, for fences, gates, sheds, garages and other outdoor applications.

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We've also got hasps, padlocks and staples suited for outdoor use, available in materials ranging between zinc plated to silver to black japanned. To use in conjunction with a padlock and add security to doors and gates, pick up a safety hasp and staple, build for stability, strength and durability.

Whether you’re looking for shed locks or gate latches you can be sure Selco have got you covered. Take a look at our full ironmongery range to find all the products you need to complete any door fitting. You can even order through our Click & Collect Service to make things easy once you enter your local branch.