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  1. Saniplus Up 6003 Macerator Pump
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More information about Macerators

What are macerators? Macerators are used in toilet plumbing to blend waste into a thinner and more manageable substance. Once this substance is thin enough it begins to move away from the macerator pump and travels down the tubes in the toilets plumbing system.

Our macerators are the ideal way to add additional bathroom and kitchen facilities to any home whilst avoiding undergoing any major construction work.

The popularity of using macerators for the maceration of raw sewage has increased in recent years due to disposal systems now being modern, more hygienic and offering an environmentally friendly disposal method.

Our macerators are suitable for en-suite bathrooms, standard bathrooms, cloakrooms, WCs and kitchens, our macerators are available in Sanitop, Saniplus, Sanislim, Sanivite and Saniflo. Remember to ensure you choose the correct macerator system to suit your project, whether that be installing a Sanivite for a sink, dishwasher or washing machine, or a Saniflo, expressly for toilets only and ideal for basement, loft or attic conversions.

Easy to install, all of our macerators are powerful and efficient, effectively removing waste from any source.

View our full range of products to pick up everything you need to complete your macerator installation. Order using our Click & Collect Service to save yourself time looking for the items you need when in store.