December 11th, 2018

The Dudley branch of Selco Builders Warehouse, based on the Coneygree Industrial Estate on Coneygree Road, has donated a number of jumbo sacks to the zoo to help with the clean-up operation of leaves.

The Castle Hill venue attracts around 300,000 visitors per year and Zoo staff are extremely grateful for Selco’s contribution.

Jamie Haywood, assistant curator at Dudley Zoo, said: “This is a fantastic gesture from Selco and has been hugely helpful to us as a team.

“Autumn and winter are difficult periods of the year for us. We have got a 42 acre site and trying to keep on top of the volume of leaves falling is a difficult challenge for both our keepers and gardening staff.

“The Selco sacks have made a huge difference and they have quickened up the process of removing leaves in bulk from the entire site.”

Craig Dickinson, branch manager of Selco Dudley, said: “When we heard about the predicament Dudley Zoo had with their leaves, we had no hesitation in helping out straight away.

“It’s a hugely popular attraction, not only in Dudley but across the wider West Midlands region.

“Helping out local communities is a key part of what we are all about at Selco and hopefully this donation will prove beneficial to both staff and animals.”

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